Community Development is at the center of our vision to “Work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you” (Jeremiah 29:7 NLT).  Our goal is to engage and challenge our culture in the Linden area and central Ohio. Currently, our initiatives are focused within local schools, stimulating job readiness and job creation, and collaborating with local organizations in the Linden area. Additionally, Linden Life seeks to demonstrate the unified love of the body of Christ to our neighbors by collaborating with local churches. Our focus on community development provides the platform for proclaiming the truth of the Gospel to the world around us.


The mission of Linden Legacy Outreach is to prayerfully and lovingly declare the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ to children residing in the south Linden area.  Practically speaking, we hope to develop and maintain lasting relationships with these children by rooting them in God's Word (the Bible) with encouragement, teaching, and one-on-one engagement.  We host regular "Lights On" events with neighborhood kids, offering these relationship-building opportunities.

International Ministries

Future Vision Ministries

Future Vision Ministries (FVM) is an international charitable organization identifying, initiating, and supporting community-based programs in Malawi, Central Africa.  The goal of FVM is to minister to the needs of the whole person—spirit, soul, and body—within the framework of their cultural and ethnic heritage, with practical ministry to: The Taulo Early Childhood Development Initiative in Zomba District, Nandolo Early Childhood Development in Mulanje District, and the entire continent of Africa through the “Vision for Christ” weekly radio broadcast. It is FVM’s goal to collaborate and provide support to enhance active community development and leadership. Consequently, programs are multi-faceted and broad based.  It is the organization’s prayer that the vision and direction for the ministry will always have its source in the love, hope, compassion, and eternal peace that is offered by Jesus Christ. 

The Harbor

Facing life as a Russian orphan is challenging. Current statistics help tell the story of the grim reality of life without The Harbor. At the age of 17, Russian orphans are moved out of institutions. Forced to fend for themselves, most orphans don’t succeed. More orphans and street children exist in Russia today than in the years after World War II. Of the approximately 10,000 “graduates” from the Russian state orphanage system each year; approximately 8,500 of these fall into drug dealing, prostitution, other crimes, and homelessness while 500 commit suicide. The Harbor exists to combat this otherwise hopeless situation. The Harbor’s mission is to find the lost and forgotten orphans who are aging out of the Russian state system and who have a desire to succeed. Having identified them, the staff work to develop them in such a way that they are anchored in life and launched into a sustainable future.